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Looking for a bicycle saddle? has a wide range of bicycle saddles and seatposts.

Bicycle saddles and seatposts

The bicycle saddle is one of the most important parts of the bicycle. If your saddle is uncomfortable, you're uncomfortable. The right bicycle saddle provides balance and control over the bicycle - and you can ride your bicycle without getting sore. 
Another important factor in your cycling comfort is the seatpost. You mount your bicycle saddle on the seatpost and use it to adjust your saddle to the right height. There are different seatpost types with their own specific qualities, like the suspension seatpost, which is a great shock absorber for riding bad roads. 

Bicycle saddles and seatposts at Hollandbikeshop

You will find your next bicycle saddle at Hollandbikeshop! The bicycle saddle may be one of the most versatile bicycle parts, so it’s not surprising that there are many different kinds available, like bicycle saddles for city bikes, e-bikes, children’s bikes, folding bikes and all kinds of sportive bicycles. 
Overall, you can get yourself a brand-new city bike saddle starting at around €11, while a sportive bicycle saddle can cost as little as €7. We offer electric bicycle saddles for prices starting at around €15. Our most affordable bicycle saddle is only €10, and our most luxurious bicycle saddle for cycling professionals costs around €485. 

Many different types of seatposts can also be found at Hollandbikeshop: candle seatposts, candle seatposts with suspension, patented seatposts, patented seatposts with suspension, patented mountain bike seatposts, patented road bike seatposts, and adjustable seatposts. Our adjustable seatposts are available starting at €47,95, the most expensive model costing around €600. Technically, you can buy yourself a seatpost for less than €5 and up to €500 max. The price really depends on what you want your seatpost to be able to do, what materials it is made of and what brand seatpost it is. So, are you looking for a carbon seatpost, a specialized seatpost, a dropper post, a suspension seatpost for your mountain bike or a suspension seatpost for your road bike?

We often have bicycle saddles and seatpost on sale in the Hollandbikeshop. Looking for a new saddle or seatpost? Make sure you have a look at our Sale section!

How to choose the right bicycle saddle

There are things everybody should take into account when shopping for a new bicycle saddle. Like how long they are planning to ride the bicycle (and how often), whether the saddle is suitable for their weight, and whether the saddle is wide or slim enough to support the sit bones. The saddle’s ability to support your sit bones is especially important.
If you’re replacing your current bicycle saddle because of saddle soreness, pay particular attention to the saddle’s width and its hardness as well. In general, the harder a saddle is, the more comfortable it is to sit on for longer rides and the more supported you will feel, while a softer saddle is more comfortable for shorter bike rides. 

Bicycle saddle types

Bicycle saddles are made for all kinds of bicycles. There are city bike saddles and saddles for the electric bicycle, saddles for sports bicycles, hybrid bicycle saddles and children’s bike saddles, as well as children’s saddles for top tube mounting, and even skirt saddles. In all these categories, you will find different types of saddles - wide, narrow, hard, soft, comfortable, synthetic or leather, padded with foam or gel.

What length seatpost do I need?

For the right saddle adjustment, having a seatpost with the right diameter is really the most important thing. As to length, the minimum seatpost length depends partly on your frame height. You can determine your bicycle’s frame height by measuring your inseam.
As to the seatpost diameter, this should be accurate to within 0.2 mm. To determine the right seatpost diameter, check your old seatpost (this often has the diameter engraved on it) or measure the old seatpost with a vernier scale. 
If your seatpost is not wide enough to fit in the seat tube, you can use a seatpost shim to make it fit.

Are bicycle saddles interchangeable?

A bicycle saddle is not automatically suitable for every bicycle type. It wouldn’t make sense to put an extra wide e-bike saddle on a road bike, for example - but seriously, every saddle has its own unique qualities and can be completely wrong for you, even if it technically fits on your seatpost. For example, the saddle may be the wrong shape. If you need to pedal a lot, a round saddle is the best bicycle saddle to have. And if you lack the necessary hip flexibility, having a saddle without a recess can cause saddle soreness.
In other words, it’s not just a matter of choosing the right saddle type, it’s also a matter of taking your own wants and needs into account. Not every bicycle saddle is suitable for any bicycle, or for any body.

How do you mount a bicycle saddle?

It’s always useful to know how to mount a bicycle saddle, should you need to replace it at any point. When you’re replacing a saddle, check where the saddle fixings are (this may vary per seatpost). 
It’s usually easy to replace your own bicycle saddle as long as you have an Allen key or a torque wrench available. Take out the mounting bolts of the seatpost, mount the new saddle and take a moment to adjust it to the right position before tightening the mounting bolts.

How far should a seatpost stick out?

Seatposts have a so-called minimal insert or minimum length that must be inserted in the seat tube, so you can ride your bicycle comfortably and safely. This length is between 8 cm and 15 cm. 
When the seatpost sticks too far out of the seat tube, this makes the seatpost less stable and you’ll risk bending it. On the other hand, if the seatpost sits too far inside the seat tube, you could hurt your groin on the top tube if the distance between the bicycle saddle and top tube is too small.

What is the best bicycle saddle?

The best bicycle saddle is different for every person and bicycle type. Knowing what you want out of your bicycle saddle - using it for short or long bike rides, a city bike or sporty bicycle, and so on - is a great start. We’ve listed some of the most popular choices for you here:
The best city bike saddles are wide, rainproof and feature a gel padding. Selle Royal bicycle saddles are a popular choice for city bikes.
For road bike saddles, we recommend Selle Italia bicycle saddles (to anyone still unfamiliar with them). These are defined by their comfort and their stylish appearance. Often narrow, hard and featuring a recess to relieve pressure on the pubic bone. 
Mountain bikers benefit from mountain bike saddles that are hard, shock-absorbent and rainproof. For a great saddle with these features, we again recommend Selle Italia. Their Selle Italia Carbonio Superflow saddle is a great choice for the mountain bike.
The main thing e-bike saddles should offer is proper support, softness and comfort. One such saddle is the Selle SMP Tour e-bike saddle, offering maximum comfort as well as optimum ventilation.
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  • 8.9/10 customer reviews
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