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Need new cycling glasses? Over 400 cycling glasses to choose from!

What to look for in cycling glasses

Cycling glasses look sporty and are a great way to complete your outfit - but do you need them? Absolutely. They're designed to be worn while you're exercising and don't work the same way as regular glasses. Cycling glasses are ergonomic, keep dust, pollen and bugs out of your eyes, keep you from being blinded by the sun, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and - bonus - they just look cool. If you wear (prescription) glasses in everyday life, you can also buy prescription cycling glasses and leave your regular prescription glasses at home or bring them with you in a protective case.
At, you’ll find cycling glasses by various brands, like 720Armour, AGU, Tifosi, TrivioPolaroid and Shimano.

What's the difference between cycling glasses and regular (sun) glasses?
Cycling glasses are designed for sporty cycling, so they have other qualities than regular (sun) glasses. One of the differences between regular glasses and cycling glasses is that cycling glasses have different lenses. Different color lenses ensure that you maintain optimal vision under different circumstances and that your eyes are protected. 
Frames are another reason why cycling glasses are a lot more comfortable to wear than regular sunglasses on a cycling trip. They're designed to be easy to wear while you're racing or cyclo-crossing, when you're wearing them with a bike helmet, and when you're wearing them for long periods of time. Cycling glasses aren't just practical, they're comfortable too. 

Which lenses for cycling glasses?

The lenses in cycling glasses enable sharp vision and come in a number of different colors. This is due to the various weather conditions you might face while cycling. Color lenses filter light and eliminate reflected glare, and by doing so they improve your vision. Different colors have different advantages. 
Transparent lenses are best used for rain and foggy weather. A water-repellent coating keeps water from getting in your eyes and keeps your vision optimal.
Blue lenses filter harsh light - a definite plus if your eyes are sensitive to light - and improve contrasts when it's cloudy or raining.
Yellow lenses provide greater clarity under low-light conditions. When you're cycling at the crack of dawn or late in the day, you’ll still have perfect vision.
Orange and pink lenses also work great under low-light and extremely low-light circumstances. They help comfort your eyes and let them adjust to contrast. 
Green lenses make a green background smoother, so you can see other things better - ideal for mountain bikers!
Black lenses filter harsh light better than any color lenses but cycling with them is discouraged, as they only let through about 3 to 8 percent of the light and would seriously limit your vision.

Why get photochromic/transition lenses?
Switching between different color lenses is super handy, if you don't mind stopping in the middle of a ride to do it. With photochromic lenses you will no longer need to stop and switch; one set of lenses will always protect your eyes from the bright sunlight, automatically darkening whenever needed. Whether the sun is particularly low or suddenly makes its appearance on an otherwise cloudy day, these cycling glasses are always ready and right there on your nose. They will darken whenever needed to offer the right protection.

How do photochromic lenses work?
Photochromic lenses are also sometimes called transition glasses. They react to the brightness of the sun, meaning they will darken in bright sunlight and become lighter when it's cloudy. On days when the weather is more changeable and during longer cycling trips, you won't ever have to interrupt your ride to maintain perfect vision. 

How do polarized lenses work?
Polarized lenses remove the glare from the sun reflecting off water, road surfaces and snow. A special foil on the lenses absorbs reflected light that might hinder your eyes and keeps you from having to strain your eyes to see properly, thereby reducing the risk of eye fatigue. 

If you're used to wearing prescription glasses in everyday life, you may also want to consider getting prescription cycling glasses. They can considerably increase your comfort. There are different kinds of prescription cycling glasses: cycling glasses with prescription lenses, cycling glasses with a special prescription insert and cycling glasses with a standard reading prescription.

Which size cycling glasses should I get?

How do you know which size glasses you need? The best advice we can give you is: try them on. We know, it's a bit tricky to do that when you're ordering cycling glasses, but if you already own a pair of cycling glasses, you can use this pair to base your choice on. Is your current pair just right, or just a little too narrow (or wide)? Adjust your choice accordingly. Most women will have a more narrow face than most men, which is also something to take into consideration when buying cycling glasses.
The most important thing is that your cycling glasses don't shift around on your nose and that they don't bounce off your nose at the slightest bump or pothole in the road. A good way to make sure you've got the right size cycling glasses is to put them on your nose and shake your head a few times, from left to right and up and down. If your glasses stay in place, you're golden. If not, it may help to adjust the nose bridge of the cycling glasses a little. This can also increase your comfort, another important factor in finding the right cycling glasses.

Which cycling glasses will suit me?

It depends on factors like the shape of your face and your helmet, which cycling glasses will suit you best. The colors of your cycling clothes can also play a part, if you like color coordinating everything.
Naturally, it also depends on what cycling discipline you intend to use your cycling glasses for - like mountain biking or cyclo-crossing.

Which mountain bike glasses?
The AGU Bold is one of the best pairs of mountain bike cycling glasses with anti-fog coating on the market right now. This is a modern pair of cycling glasses with an eye-catching look that ensures a more than adequate and clear field of vision, letting the wearer see everything around them properly. It's suitable for years of intense use and features a special anti-fog coating that keeps the lenses from fogging.

Which racing glasses? 
The best pair of cycling glasses for road bikers in 2021 is the Trivio Hadley. A pair of cycling glasses of excellent quality, yet still affordable! It's light and comfortable, due in part to its adjustable nose bridge. The Hadley is available in five different colors and offers maximum protection (100%) from harmful UV rays.

What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are also known as transition lenses, because they adapt to the intensity of sunlight. They darken when exposed to (a lot of) UV light and become lighter when the brightness of the light decreases. 
Photochromic lenses are quite common in “regular” glasses, but also incredibly convenient for sporty cyclists. When you purchase a pair of photochromic cycling glasses, you won't have to choose between transparent or color lenses, nor will you have to stop and switch glasses or lenses. With lenses that adapt to the intensity of light, your eyes will always be protected from harmful UV rays and you'll always have proper vision. Thanks to their flexible, light material, photochromic cycling glasses offer a high level of comfort. There are so many different models available that you’ll always be able to find a pair that suits you.
Whether you're going road biking, mountain biking or undertaking another sporty activity - you can use these cycling glasses for pretty much anything.

Where to buy the best cycling glasses?

Whether you're looking for cycling glasses with a set of interchangeable lenses or you're shopping for a pair of photochromic cycling glasses, the best place to buy them is In our range, you’ll find the best cycling glasses for women and men, as well as parts for cycling glasses. is the number 1 bike shop for your cycling glasses. We have the widest range of bicycle parts and accessories (over 100,000) available from stock.
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