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Shopping for a children's bike? Over 400 models to choose from!

A-brand children's bikes at great prices

Shopping for a children's bike online? has the children's bike you’re looking for. 
We have great bicycles for the youngest cyclists who are discovering cycling for the first time and for slightly older cyclists who have some experience. 

Types of bicycles for kids of all ages 

Children's bikes come in all shapes and sizes, from tricycles to bicycles with 26 inch wheels. Children often have their first cycling experience when they're around 12 months old, for instance with a tricycle with a push bar, specifically suitable for that age. With a tricycle, your child can become acquainted with cycling as it plays and you can push them along or slow them down using the push bar if needed. For children aged 2 years and up that are strong enough for it, we have balance bikes. Balance bikes help children learn to keep their balance while steering a bicycle, without also having to pedal. From the age of 3, children can make the transition to their first “real” bicycle with training wheels. These bicycles, designed for the smallest cyclists, have 12 inch wheels and feature training wheels to make learning to pedal as safe as possible. 
Since children simply grow up very fast, they’re likely to make their move to a bicycle with a larger wheel size soon after - like 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch or 26 inch wheels. 
When your child is learning how to cycle, safety comes first. If their bicycle doesn't come with training wheels, you can easily install them yourself. In our range, you'll find training wheels for children's bikes with a 12 to 20 inch wheel size. 

Selecting the right children's bike for your child depends on several things, like the age of your child. Some children can be small or tall for their age so it's important to look at your child's length and clothing size. Body length and clothing size are clearer indicators for the right size bicycle for your child. The size chart below may also help you choose.

Children's bike size chart 

What is the right size children's bike for my child? 

In this chart, children's bike sizes are indicated with their tire size (12 to 16 inch). When you're choosing the right size children's bike the child's age is a good point to start from, but children grow fast and some might soon be considered tall for their age, so it's always smart to look at clothing size and height as well. Clothing size and height are two clear indicators that will help you determine the right children's bike size. Once you've found the right size, all you have left to do is decide on a children's bike for a boy or a girl. 

Age Clothing size Height Tire size Children's bike
for boys
Children's bike
for girls
Age 2.5 - 4 years 92 - 104 95 - 100 cm 12 inch 12 inch bike for boys 12 inch bike for girls
Age 4 - 6 years 104 - 110 100 - 105 cm 16 inch 16 inch bike for boys 16 inch bike for girls
Age 4 - 8 years 110 - 116 100 - 115 cm 18 inch 18 inch bike for boys 18 inch bike for girls
Age 6 - 8 years 116 - 122 110 - 115 cm 20 inch 20 inch bike for boys 20 inch bike for girls
Age 5 - 9 years 122 - 128 105 - 128 cm 22 inch 22 inch bike for boys 22 inch bike for girls
Age 8 - 12 years 128 - 140 122 - 130 cm 24 inch 24 inch bike for boys 24 inch bike for girls
Age 10 - 14 years 140 - 152 130 - 145 cm 26 inch 26 inch bike for boys 26 inch bike for girls

Children's bike - Things to consider 

When purchasing a children's bike, the right size is important. You can use our size chart to determine the right size for your child. Once the children's bike you selected has been delivered, you may still need to make a few adjustments. Make sure that it's easy to get on and off the bicycle and that your child is able to reach the ground with its feet when seated. While cycling, their legs should never be fully stretched and their knees shouldn't touch the handlebar. In short, the saddle shouldn't be too high or too low. Next, the handlebar should be set at the correct height. When determining the right height for the handlebar, you can safely assume that the handlebar should be at least 4 centimeters higher than the saddle. 
Also take the bicycle's weight into account; children's bikes are easily considered heavy. A steel children's bike with 16 inch wheels can quickly weigh up to 12 - 15 kg, while the child riding it will weigh around 35 - 45 kg. You may want to select a lighter bicycle instead, like a bicycle made of aluminum. 
Other adjustments to the children's bike are optional. For extra safety, you can equip your child's bicycle with a safety flag, for instance. With a safety flag, you’ll increase their visibility in traffic. Add a personal touch by decorating it with various colorful accessories like spoke beads, streamers or eye-catching dress guards. Bicycle helmets are also a great way to keep your cycling child safe. They offer added protection and come in many different colors to match your child’s bicycle. 
Last but definitely not least,  the price is also something to consider. 
Children's bikes are available at, starting at €138.95 for a 12 inch wheel size. We offer balance bikes starting from €38.95. 

What makes the best children's bike

Children's bikes that are known for their excellent quality are bikes made by Alpina, Cortina and Loekie. These brands are known for their years of experience in producing high-quality bicycles and their quality children's bikes are available in many colorful designs and cheerful colors. Alpina has a few great example of this type of quality children's bike. Children's bikes by Alpina are known for their gorgeous colors and frame designs. The Alpina Trial and Alpina Yabber are designed for young daredevils and perfect for cycling in the street as well as charging down forest paths. Wheel sizes 20 inch and up therefore come with a suspension fork. At, you’ll find various Alpina bicycles with 12 to 26 inch wheels, as well as fun Alpina balance bikes. 
Then there are Cortina children's bikes for kids who really want the same bicycle as their parents. The Cortina U4 Mini bicycle is an excellent choice, since it's basically a smaller version of the Cortina bicycle for adults and available with 24 and 26 inch wheels. and feature nifty transport carriers for easy transportation of school things and sports bags. 
Of course we also offer bicycles by Loekie, an A-brand with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing children's bikes. Loekie bicycles are characterized by their nice designs and styling, as well as their frame designs. Loekie bicycles have sturdy, low frames that make it easy for your little one to get on and off and models up to 18 inches often come with a fun and convenient handlebar basket. Super convenient for your little one in case you're going on a bike ride and they want to bring their favorite toy. Loekie children's bikes are attractive, quality bicycles that we offer in sizes 12 to 22 inch. We also offer children's kick scooters, trailer bikes, unicycles and K3 bicycles - super fun for fans of Belgian group K3.

Where to buy a children's bike

From your child cycling around the house or garden for the first time on a tricycle to practicing balancing and steering with a balance bike and discovering how to cycle independently on their first “real” bicycle - it all starts at In our range you’ll find competitively-priced tricycles, balance bikes and children's bikes by A-brands that you can order quickly and easily at If you're looking for parts to decorate the children's bike with or to help increase your child's visibility in traffic, or for replacement parts for the children's bike, has everything you need. is the children's bike shop for bicycles with a 12 to 26 inch wheel size. We have the widest range of bicycle parts (over 100,000) available from stock.
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  • Fast delivery
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  • 8.9/10 customer reviews
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