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Shopping for a bike basket? Choose from over 480 bike baskets!

From small children’s bike baskets to XXL bike baskets!

What is a good bike basket?

Bike baskets come in many shapes and sizes and are made of a variety of materials. 
There are bike baskets for all ages, perfect for transporting groceries, sports gear or a rain suit on a cycling trip. Even for taking your trusty dog with you, in a doggy bike basket

Bicycles with a bike basket are an increasingly common occurrence in everyday traffic. 
Wicker baskets are particularly popular these days, like the wicker transport basket (also known as the baker’s basket). This classic, rectangular basket is inspired by the type of basket that bakers used long ago, when going door to door to sell their baked goods. This bike basket type comes with a convenient lid to protect your things and transport them safely. Keep in mind that these baskets are usually made of natural materials like wicker and rattan, materials that are more fragile than plastic or metal and not waterproof. 

There are metal bike baskets available. These are often more lightweight and compact, and have a more industrial look to them. Metal baskets are usually made of steel or aluminum with a finely meshed or open-meshed design. Fine mesh baskets are great for transporting individual items, while open-mesh baskets are perfect for transporting a full bag. Metal bike baskets usually come in black, white or silver. 

Most bike baskets can be mounted on the handlebars, though some are designed for mounting on the transport carrier or luggage carrier. 
When choosing your bike basket, its mounting location can be important. If you’re planning to use your basket for grocery bags, you could go for a basket with hooks for the handlebar, or a basket that you can lock securely to the handlebar using a special adapter. Adapter systems like KlickFix, MIK, BasEasy, Racktime, CarryMore and AVS let you mount bike baskets to the bicycle quickly and easily, and remove them just as fast whenever needed. Bike baskets with an adapter system are also known as removable bike baskets. There’s also the so-called fixed bike basket, the type you can install on your bicycle and that cannot be removed again without using tools. 

A few examples of top brands that produce quality bike baskets are Basil, Cordo, FastRider and Rixen & Kaul. These brands all have a great range of bike baskets in various sizes, with different mounting options.

For children, there are smaller bike baskets for transporting toys, plushies and other fun things. These baskets often come in bright colors like pink or bright yellow and are decorated with characters from Star Wars, Frozen and other Disney movies. If you’re looking for a nice bike basket for your child, follow this link

For anyone looking for the advantages of a bike basket but want something slightly different, a bicycle crate or pannier can be a great option. At, we have wooden and plastic bicycle crates in various colors and sizes. Crates can often easily be secured to the transport carrier or luggage carrier using cable ties. Panniers, or bike bags, are also available in many different models and have the added advantage of keeping your luggage dry during cycling trips. Panniers can be mounted on the luggage carrier as well as the handlebar, directly on the bicycle frame or underneath the saddle.

How to mount a bike basket?

How do you mount a bike basket? There are several ways to do it. Some bike baskets have hooks so you can hang them on the handlebar 
or they can be mounted using an adapter system. Adapter systems are easy to use, you simply click your bike basket into the adapter to secure it to the bicycle before you take off, and remove it the same way. Make sure that the basket and the adapter system on your bicycle are compatible. These adapter systems can be installed on the handlebar, transport carrier, luggage carrier or seat post. Newer bicycle and e-bike models often come with a luggage carrier adapter for baskets and panniers as standard. When you’re shopping for a bike basket, always make sure that it’s compatible with your bicycle’s adapter system. 

If your bicycle doesn’t come with an adapter system, you can always secure your bike basket to the carrier using cable ties. This mounting method is often seen on transport bikes with a front carrier (aka transport carrier). If your bicycle doesn’t have a transport carrier, you might consider turning your bicycle into a transport bike by installing one of our transport carriers. The hooks of transport carriers are adjustable, so they fit nearly any bicycle that doesn’t have a suspension fork. It is important to make sure the carrier is suitable for your bicycle wheel size. 
After installing the transport carrier, you can mount the bike basket on it and enjoy having an extra transport option on your bicycle. Super convenient! 

Which size bike basket should I get? 

When you’re shopping for a bike basket, liking the look of it and finding the basket that matches your bicycle is important, but so is checking whether you’ve found the right size bike basket and considering what you want to use it for. Grocery shopping or taking a rain suit, food and drinks with you on a cycling trip? Consider the bike basket’s volume and its maximum load capacity. The maximum capacity of a bike basket for the handlebars is 5 kg; while bike baskets for the handlebars are convenient, they shouldn’t influence your steering ability. Safety first! The maximum capacity for a bike basket on the luggage carrier is 15 to 20 kg. Volume is also important. How much can it carry? Can you put your coat, bag and trainers in it? The smallest volume bike basket we have in our range is a 4 liter basket for children’s bikes. For adults, we have bike baskets from around 15 liters up to 50 liters.

What is the best dog bike basket?

When you enjoy taking your dog for walks as well as bike rides, dog bike baskets are a great accessory. Dog bike baskets are a practical way to transport your pooch by bicycle, giving them a nice view from the front or back of the bicycle during your rides together. These baskets come with a wire dome or a net, so you can rest assured that your small dog (or cat, even!) can’t suddenly jump out of its basket and take off. For dogs that aren’t a flight risk, there are bike baskets without a wire dome or net. A number of models features a convenient carrier strap that easily converts the basket to a shoulder bag. DoggyRide baskets are especially popular and considered to be the best dog bike baskets because of their ease of use, safety and comfort for both human and dog. DoggyRide baskets like the DoggyRide Cocoon come with a carrier strap, a well-ventilated dome the dog can easily see through, a leash coupler, convenient side pockets and a rain cover. 

Dog bike baskets for the front of the bike can be mounted on the fork bridge or front axle. Dog bike baskets for the back of the bike are generally mounted on the luggage carrier, using an adapter system. If your bicycle is equipped with an adapter system, make sure this system is compatible with the basket. 
At, you’ll find dog bike baskets in different sizes to take your dog with you on a bike ride, by brands like Basil and DoggyRide
Just like regular bike baskets, dog bike baskets are available in different shapes and sizes, made of materials like wicker, metal and plastic. 
Before taking your dog out for a ride in a new bike basket, we recommend letting them get used to the basket first by putting it in your living room, where they can grow accustomed to it. When they get in the basket, you can reward your dog with a treat! Then you can proceed to mount the basket on your bicycle and take a walk with it, with your dog in the basket. Once this goes smoothly, you can can go on actual bike rides together! And to make your loyal canine as comfortable as possible while you’re on your adventures together, you can always choose to line the basket with a special mat or cushion. If your dog is too heavy/large for a dog bike basket, a dog trailer for the bicycle would be worth considering.

What does a bike basket cost?

You can buy nice, convenient bike baskets at If you’re looking for a beautiful wicker basket or metal basket, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our range of bike baskets. We have baskets in different sizes and colors, made of various materials. In our wide range you’ll find bike baskets made of different materials from €10.45 to €114.95, children’s bike baskets from €3.75 to €28.95 and dog bicycle baskets from €41.95 to €186.95. We have the largest range of bicycle parts (over 100,000) available from stock.

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