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Need a new bicycle pump? Choose from over 400 bicycle pumps!

Shopping for a new bicycle pump for the road bike, electric bicycle or mountain bike online? has the bicycle pump you’re looking for. The number one grievance among most cyclists is probably a flat or leaky tire. At, you’ll find various floor pumps (with or without a pressure gauge), fork pumps, mini pumps, compressor pumps and CO2 pumps with cartridges, as well as other parts and accessories.

How to use a bicycle pump

When the sun is out and you're in the mood for a nice cycling trip - especially when your bicycle has spent some time inside gathering dust - it's time to break out the bike pump. Properly inflated tires have better rolling resistance for lighter pedaling and a lower risk of punctures. 

But how do you (properly) inflate tires? It's fairly simple, as long as you know a couple of things. You can read the best tire pressure from the side of your bicycle tire. Keep this number in mind so you don't overinflate or underinflate the tire. 
In general, the following applies for the right tire pressure:

The right tire pressure for your bicycle
Transport bike 2 to 3 bar
MTB bike 2 to 4 bar
City bike 3.5 to 4.5 bar
Touring bike 3.5 to 5 bar
Hybrid bike 3.5 to 6 bar
Electric bicycle 4 to 5.5 bar
Road bike 8 to 11 bar

(Keep in mind that these numbers are only indicative - AND that tubeless tires require a lower level of air pressure than regular bicycle tires)

Inflating road bike tires? How much air to put in your tires is closely related to your body weight. If you're fairly lightweight and you overinflate the tires, every dip and bump in the road will have you bouncing across the pavement, while heavier cyclists who underinflate their tires will find that their tires experience more pressure and they run a greater risk of a flat tire. It's better to keep your tires at the appropriate pressure. You can calculate the right amount of pressure (the number of bar) by dividing your bodyweight through ten.

A bicycle pump with a pressure gauge can also be useful to determine whether your tires are properly inflated. While you're inflating your tires, keep an eye on the pressure gauge until you've reached the desired amount of pressure. The pressure gauge often features a small ring with an arrow that you can turn to the right number of bar, like a place holder for the next time you need to inflate your tires.

What types of bicycle pumps are there?

A lot of people still swear by the classic Dutch bike pump, which is highly suitable for the Dunlop valve usually found on city bikes and e-bikes, though there are countless modern variations on this pump as well as many other pump types. 
Depending on the desired use there are many different bicycle pumps available, like floor pumps with or without a pressure gauge, frame pumps and fork pumps. Beside regular pumps for the city bike we also offer mini pumps that are easy to take with you, for a little extra air on the road.
With a sporty bike like a mountain bike or road bike, you can choose from floor pumps for easy inflation or CO2 pumps that’ll inflate your tire ultrafast. The latter is especially handy when you're out cycling.
We don't just offer bicycle pumps for inflating your mountain bike tires, but also fork pumps that you can use to easily inflate your fork, with precision.

Bicycle pumps and valves

The Presta valve, Schrader valve and Dunlop valve are the most common bicycle tire valves. The Presta valve is most commonly found on road bikes, while the Dunlop valve is usually found on city bike tires. The Schrader valve is a popular choice for mountain bike tires, scooter tires and even car tires, and is sometimes referred to as the American valve.

    Presta valve      Dunlop valve      Schrader valve

When you're buying a new bicycle pump you can choose a pump designed to fit a specific valve or one that fits several valve types. You could also consider purchasing a valve adapter for a Presta valve or Schrader valve, to put on your bicycle pump and make it suitable for the valve on your tire. 
If your tires have a Dunlop valve, there's no need to unscrew the valve before you start inflating the tire. Simply turn the wheel until the valve is closest to the ground, twist off the plastic cap, place the pump over the valve, and start pumping. Keep the bicycle tire's maximum pressure in mind when you do (and don't forget to put back the valve cap after!).
The Schrader valve is also fairly easy to use. All you need to do before using the pump, is twist off the valve cap. It's important to remember that this valve type is more vulnerable, since it's longer and thinner than other valves. A bicycle pump with a tube is preferable, since this puts less pressure on the valve while you're inflating the tire. 
With a Presta valve, you need to remove the cap and unscrew the valve before you can start pumping.

The best mini bike tire pump

Of all the bicycle pumps out there, mini pumps are the easiest to take along on bike rides. Simply mount it on your (road) bike or put it in your pocket, and get it out whenever you need it. SKS and Lezyne are popular bike brands for mini pumps, thanks to their affordable prices, light, sleek designs and usability.
When you're shopping for a mini pump, it's important to know that the maximum pressure a mini bike pump provides isn't the same as what you'd get from a regular pump. It takes a lot more effort to get your tire inflated with a mini pump.
The CO2 pump is also very easy to use thanks to its small, compact size. Plus, it inflates your tire a lot quicker than a regular mini pump, using a single-use CO2 cartridge.
The perfect mini bike pump has a flexible tube that doesn't put additional pressure on the valve while you're inflating your tire. It also fits any valve and is suitable for all CO2 cartridges, threaded and non-threaded. 

Where can I buy a bicycle pump?

You can buy your new bicycle pump quickly and easily at We also have the accessories and parts you need, like cartridges, pump tubes and valve adapters. We often have bike pumps on sale, by top brands like Cordo, SKS, Topeak and Zéfal. is the number 1 bike shop for your bicycle pumps. We have the widest range of bicycle parts (over 100,000) available from stock.
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Do you have any questions?
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