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Buying a bicycle? Over 7000 models to choose from!

A-brand bicycles at great prices

Shopping for a bicycle online? has the bicycle you're looking for. Solid bicycles for men and women, e-bikes, sturdy city bikes, beautiful children's bikes and many more: you’ll find them all in the large range at

What bicycle should I get?

When you're going to buy a bicycle, you often already know what kind of bicycle it's going to be. Mountain bikers will want a mountain bike that can take rough treatment and has great grip on any terrain, while racers will be looking for a road bike that is lightweight and lets them reach high speeds. With city bikes, you'll be looking at the standard parts on a bicycle (bicycle lights, dress guards, chain guard) as well as what other parts it might have, like brakes and gears.
When you're a parent looking for a reliable family bicycle, you’ll want stability in the shape of a robust frame and a sturdy kickstand (bicycles for parents often have a double kickstand for added stability) but you’ll also want enough space for one or more child bike seats - and for panniers, of course! After all, it's more practical (and saves time) when you can transport your child and your briefcase or groceries at the same time. 
When you're buying a children's bike, things are slightly different. Most of all, you’ll want a bicycle that's safe, comfortable and reliable. In our children's bike range you’ll find various renowned children's bike brands, like Cortina, Loekie, Alpina and Batavus, with a 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 or 26 inch wheel size.

How do I find the right bicycle frame size?

If you know which bicycle you want, but not which size, the table below should help.

Determining your frame size

Inseam ±

Recommended bicycle frame height

66 cm

43 cm

74 cm

48 cm

77 cm

50 cm

78 cm

51 cm

80 cm

52 cm

83 cm

54 cm

85 cm

55 cm

86 cm

56 cm

89 cm

58 cm

91 cm

61 cm

93 cm

  65 cm


Measure your inseam with your feet about 15 cm apart and make sure you’re wearing loose-fitting clothes, or just your underwear, so you can measure your inseam without obstructions. It's also important to stand up straight while you're measuring to avoid inaccurate measurements. Always choose the frame size closest to your size. If you're in between two sizes, go for the smaller of the two.
One thing is for sure, when you’re looking to buy a great bicycle, it’s not just the model and size that should suit you perfectly. It’s the accessories too (or the option to add accessories). Robust tires are essential for any ATB or MTB, just like child bike seats and nice, sturdy panniers are essential for bicycles for parents. Bicycle bells and lights complete your bicycle. You can also buy smaller accessories for your bicycle at

When to buy a new bicycle

You can buy a new bicycle whenever you like - most brands introduce new models all year round. But there are moments when finding your new bicycle can be more advantageous. At the beginning of the cycling season or just before it, the prices of many bicycles (including road bikes) are reduced. By purchasing your road bike or hybrid during the winter months you can save money and have plenty of time to test your new bicycle on sunny winter days.  

Why buy a bicycle?

There are countless reasons why you might want to buy a new bicycle. Your current bicycle could be worn out to the point that you have no choice but to get a new one, or you could be ready for an upgrade.
Maybe your bicycle has been stolen. In that case, it's not just important to buy a new bicycle, but also to make sure it's sufficiently protected
Lots of people use a bicycle on their daily commute.
For a lot of people the decision to adapt a healthier lifestyle can be the reason to buy a bicycle (or they're taking up cycling for a different reason). It's easier to rip through the dunes or climb hills for a speedy descent when you're on a sleek, light road bike, than it is to do it on a city bike (you can, obviously, with a few adjustments - but a new bicycle would be a cheaper option).
A change in your family situation can also be a reason for buying a new bicycle. It's simply easier to transport twins in the safety seats of a cargo bike or in child bike seats when you're doing it on a family bicycle.

The best bicycle brands

The best brands are often not the cheapest. Still, a great bicycle doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can often buy a bicycle from a renowned brand for only a few hundred euros! 
Cortina and Excelsior are brands that often produce budget-friendly, attractive bicycles of excellent quality, though Victoria bicycles are also very much worthwhile. They are durable, reliable and a favorite among many cyclists.
The most popular (and most beloved) brand by far is Cortina. Cortina city bikes and touring bikes are especially popular because of their usability, low weight and great designs. All Dutchies are familiar with Cortina's extremely solid bicycles and their trendy modern looks, like the Cortina U4 with its sturdy transport and luggage carriers, which you can use to mount a basket or crate. Often the needed mounting mechanism comes as part of the frame, or you can purchase one along with your bicycle. The Cortina Common is another example of a sturdy, modern bicycle designed for the whole family. It's a true family bicycle.

The right bike for your cycling holiday

If you're looking for the ultimate bicycle for a wonderful cycling holiday, the most important thing is what you’ll be doing with it. In some cases all you need is a city bike with a solid frame, three gears and a mounting bracket for your smartphone or bike computer with GPS. When you're planning to cycle through nature areas and hilly areas, at least. Anyone planning a cycling holiday that is both adventurous and active will benefit from a bicycle with more gears and a frame that is sturdy enough to carry a set of panniers on the luggage carrier, for clothing, provisions and camping gear. You could consider buying a touring bike. A touring bike (also known as a randonneur) is a great choice for cycling longer distances and has plenty of space for your luggage, while also providing a comfortable and active cycling experience. By putting wider tires on a touring bike, it can be used on city roads and bike paths, and on unpaved roads. 

The best place to buy a bicycle

Anyone looking to buy a city bike, a sturdy touring bike or a solid e-bike for their next cycling holiday will find what they need at is a dealer of city bikes, touring bikes and many other types of bicycles. You will often find various bicycle models by top brands in our Sale section too. is the number 1 bike shop for all your bicycles and bicycle parts. We have the widest range of bicycle parts (over 100,000) available from stock.

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Do you have any questions?
  • Fast delivery
  • International delivery
  • 8.9/10 customer reviews
  • 2 year warrantee
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