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Shopping for a new bicycle lock? Choose from over 1200 bicycle locks!

Hollandbikeshop has the largest range of bicycle locks available

How many types of bicycle locks are there?

Bicycle locks come in different shapes and different sizes. The lock most people are familiar with is the frame lock. You can find this lock on nearly every city bike. These days frame locks come with a plug-in chain more and more often, or at least have the option to insert one, so you can anchor your bicycle to a fixed object, like a lamppost, using the frame lock. If your bicycle doesn't have a frame lock with a plug-in chain option, you could try using a chain lock or cable lock. Usually these locks have keys, but some models can be locked using a number combination. When you choose for a combination lock, you won't have to carry around a key for it - though you’ll have to remember the combination. A lock type that is also used more often is the folding lock. Folding locks are basically steel plates connected to one another, easy to fold and store in a backpack, pannier or special holder on the bicycle frame. Another bike security option is getting a U-lock, a lock often used as a primary lock but also suitable for extra security. You can even use it in combination with a double looped cable. Do you want to install a frame lock on your electric bicycle or are you looking for a battery lock to secure the e-bike battery? has everything you need, including padlocks and disc locks- great for locking your storage space and for use with individual cables. If you’re looking to secure your bicycle to a wall in or outside the house, try installing a wall anchor or floor anchor to fasten your bicycle to. This is also a great option for storage sheds. 
If you're looking for a bicycle alarm, the Abus alarm comes with a motion sensor that alerts you when someone is moving around near your bike.

For anyone going on regular cycling trips who is tired of lugging around a heavy extra lock in their bag, we have several great lock mounting materials and holders in our range that you can install on the frame, handlebar or seat tube of the bicycle. With a convenient lock holder, your extra lock will always be close at hand. 

We also offer security for scooter riders and motor cyclists, in the shape of disc brake locks. These convenient locks are mounted on one of the brake disc's ventilation openings to make sure you don't forget the lock. They often come in bright shades of orange and yellow and have a reminder cable to keep you from taking off with the disc lock still on.

What makes a good bicycle lock?
Locks with an ART rating are generally considered great bicycle locks, since they've been tested and approved by the ART Foundation. Bicycle locks with an ART rating always have a label or print indicating that they're ART-approved. The number of stars given by ART represents the lock's theft prevention qualities. 
Most bicycles usually come with a frame lock as standard. We recommend using a chain or cable lock in addition to this frame lock to secure your bicycle to a fixed object, like a lamppost, bike rack or fence. Aside from providing additional protection, the sight of a chain or cable lock can also scare off potential thieves. Always lock your bicycle with both locks, even if you're just going into a store for two minutes. Bicycle thieves are always waiting for moments like this. Don't make it too easy for them!

Which bicycle lock is best?
Generally, chain locks with hardened steel links that are at least 8 mm thick, with a 2 or 3 star ART rating are considered to be the best locks. These locks are not just safe but also useful for fastening your bicycle to a fixed object. 
They're less useful for racers or road bikers however, as they tend to be on the heavy side. The same goes for folding locks, like the Abus Cordo Combo, though they’re more compact and easier to take with you. Road bikers wanting to be able to lock their bicycle quickly for a short pit stop, can do so with a lighter, smaller cable lock like the AXA Resolute

When you’re shopping for a bicycle lock, you can choose a lock that is closed with a key or with a number combination. The difference? Remembering your key or remembering your combination. If you're prone to losing things, a combination lock that doesn't require a key is a great choice. Too many passwords and pin numbers to remember? A lock with a key might be a better choice, then. 

At, you’ll find secure bicycle locks by top brands like Abus, AXA, Cordo, HBS, Kryptonite, Simson, Trelock and Hiplok.

How does a bicycle lock work?
In case of a frame lock, there is a steel bracket inside the lock that you can slide between the spokes of the rear wheel, in order to form a closed ring that effectively blocks the wheel. A ring lock is fixed to the bicycle's frame with sturdy screws. Most bicycles already have the holes to fit these screws, so that even if the bicycle doesn't come with a ring lock, you can always install one. For bicycles that don't have these holes, there are mounting materials for ring locks. Chain locks, cable locks and folding locks can also be used to block the bicycle wheel. These locks let you secure the bicycle to a fixed object and they're often used for added security and as an extra lock on bicycles with a frame lock. You can often take them with you in a holder for the bicycle frame.

Bicycle locks recommended for and used in high-risk areas are often made of hardened steel or stainless steel and are fairly heavy. They're hard to crack open. The Kryptonite New York Legend is one example, weighing 6.6 kg. 
The more basic locks that are used in low-risk areas and as a second lock are usually lighter. A good example of a more lightweight lock is the Abus 1500/60, weighing a mere 230 grams. These lightweight chain locks and cable locks are also great for securely locking children's bikes and for teaching your child how to lock their bicycle properly. Once locked, you can always attach your own chain lock to your child's bicycle for added protection.

When you’re using a chain lock or cable lock as a second lock, an 85 cm chain or cable is often sufficient. Want to secure more than one bicycle or secure one bicycle across a longer distance, you can always opt for a longer chain or cable, like the Trelock ZS 1000 (note that this cable does not come with a lock), which is 10 meters long.

We're often asked which bicycle lock is best with regards to bike theft insurance. 
Making sure you read the policy terms of your bike theft insurance carefully is recommended, as some insurance companies will only let you take out insurance if you have an ART approved bicycle lock. One condition insurance companies always set, is that you should be able to present two original keys for the bicycle in case of theft. That’s why we recommend always locking your bicycle, whether you take it inside or park it in the yard. 

What material are locks made of?
Locks are made of all kinds of materials, with (and some without) various approval ratings and in different price ranges. Material also determines pricing and whether or not the lock is awarded a rating. The lock's safety level depends partially on the type of material and its thickness. The brackets in ring locks and the links of chain locks are usually made of hardened steel, while cable locks are made of woven steel wires, often with a synthetic cover to avoid damaging the bicycle's paintwork (chain locks have a similar cover to help protect your bicycle). Folding locks and U-locks are generally also made of hardened steel. The thicker the chain links or steel wires, the safer the lock tends to be, as a thick cable or chain is harder to cut through. 

Where can I buy a bicycle lock? 
The bicycle lock you can safely lock your bike with is waiting for you at Do you own a city bike, an electric bicycle, a mountain bike or a road bike? We have bicycle locks suitable for virtually every bicycle. And beside a large range of various locks to choose from, we also offer fast delivery and competitive prices, with locks from €3.95 to €239.95. For example, we have ring locks from only €6.95 to €132.95, ring locks for electric bicycles from €19.95 to €54.95, cable locks from €3.95 to €127.95, chain locks from €9.95 to €167.95, U-locks from €8.95 to €179.95 and folding locks from €20.95 to €239.95. If you’re looking for a solid, safe bicycle lock, hurry up and have a look at our large selection of bicycle locks! 
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