Ursus Double Kickstand Jumbo 26" - Black

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This is a fabulous stand that you will find on many European bikes that are designed for carrying children and/or heavier loads.

The double-leg, wide stance of this stand means that, even when loaded, your bike will remain upright and stable. This stability is essential if you have a child seat on your bike - it doesn't mean you can abandon your child on a parked bike but it does offer you a 'second pair of hands' and peace of mind when travelling with your child (or children) on board.

Aluminium hollow construction - tough and strong but lightweight too.
Grooves on the butt of the stand allow for cables to be run without the stand 'fouling' them
In order to fit this to your bike you need to check if you have a kickstand plate welded to your bike frame. This can be found just behind the bottom bracket. If your bike has one of these on the top of the chainstays you should have no problems fitting the stand. If your bike has the kickstand pate on the bottom edge of the chainstays then you may need to buy a separate metal kickstand plate - which can be found in our shop (they are made by Hebie). This will then allow you to 'sandwich the chainstays using the separate plate and the 'butt' of the stand itself.

If your bike does not have a kickstand plate you may still be able to fit the stand but you will definitely need to purchase the Hebie metal kickstand plate that is available in our shop.
Originalnumber 80VN10S-A03

Ursus Active Bike Equipments

Brand: Ursus
Group: Kickstand
Size: 26" / 275MM
Category: 80VN10S-A03
Specifications: Bipod
Color: Black

Ursus, a company in Northern Italy that has over 40 years of experience producing bicycle parts.
In the past seven years they’ve focused on the production of high-quality bicycle kickstands for the aftermarket as well as OEM companies.
The King kickstand was their first big success and this year they introduced the Jumbo, the first Ursus double kickstand.

Ursus Active Bike Equipments
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