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Cortina U4 Mini Girls Bicycle 26" 46cm 3S Bh - Matt Silver

  • EAN 8719461043038
  • Brand: Cortina
  • Product Model: 750498
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That's cool, just as cool a transport bike as mom and dad!
Especially for this, Cortina has released the popular U4 Mini Transport in 24 and 26 inches.
Your new bike should be a party to make sure you stand out in the school yard!

- The school bag can easily be carried on the front carrier
- Thanks to the coaster brake, your child can brake easily
- Easy on the road with 3-speed

Brand: Cortina
Model: U4 Mini
Color specific: Stone Wash Matt
Frame height: 46 cm
Color code: MGSG 5415 Matt
Number of gears: 3
Frame type: Girls
Gear system brand: Shimano
Brake system: Coaster brake
Gear System Type: Hub
Wheel size: 26
Luggage carrier: Rear/Front
Bicycle bell: Yes
Frame Material: Steel
Grips: Cortina Dakar
Weight: 18.5 kg
Model year: 2022
Brake type: Coaster brake
Kickstand: Yes
Stem: Fixed
Handlebar lock: No
Tire type: Deli with anti-puncture coating
Front brake system type: None
Lock type: Axa REN
Taillight: Union 4309 battery
Headlight: Union 4955 10 lux battery
Front carrier: Yes
Fork: Fixed
Saddle: Selle Royal 6605
Seatpost: Fixed
Gear: Shimano Nexus 3-Speed

Children are generally taught to ride a bike at an early age. 
The right size bicycle allows for a comfortable and safe riding position for children and teens, and stimulates maximum performance of the muscles. 
Aside from being less tiring and preventing overexertion of the knees, the right size bike encourages regular bike use and cycling in general. 
This size is usually based on the wheel diameter. 


Children's Bicycle Size Chart

Children's bicycles size chart
Length Recommended 
Children's Bike Size
2 - 4 98 - 104 ± 95 cm 12 inch
3 - 5 100 - 106 ± 100 cm 14 inch
4 - 6 104 - 110 ± 105 cm 16 inch
5 - 7 110 - 116 ± 110 cm 18 inch
6 - 8 116 - 122 ± 115 cm 20 inch
7 - 9 122 - 128 ± 122 cm 22 inch
8 - 12 128 - 140 ± 130 cm 24 inch
10 - 14 140 - 152 ± 145 cm 26 inch



This sizing chart for children's bicycles is based on age and length. 
Not everyone is the same length at a certain age, so it’s advisable to determine the bicycle size based on length. 
The most important factor in determining the right bike size, is the inseam length. 


Body Length Inseam Length Recommended
Bike Size

Cycling lesson
120 - 140 cm <52 cm 16 inch
52 - 74 cm 20 inch
> 74 cm 24 inch
140 - 160 cm < 62 cm 20 inch
62 - 80 cm 24 inch
> 80 cm 26 inch
> 160 cm < 74 cm 24 inch
> 74 cm 26 inch


Most children that are 120 to 140 cm tall can ride a 20 inch bike, while children between 140 and 160 cm tall can ride a 24 inch bike. 
A 26 inch bike is generally suitable for teenagers who are over 160 cm tall. 
The right frame height is also very important: it is the first step to finding the correct riding position. 
A bicycle frame that is too small or too large can lead to limited height adjustment options, which in turn may lead to an inconvenient height difference between the saddle and handlebars. 
Use the inseam length to determine which frame size is right for you. 
You can do this by measuring the inside of your leg, from the top of the thigh down to the floor. 


Adult Bicycle Size Chart Adults Cycling Size Chart
   Recommended Frame Size
≈ 66 cm   43 cm
≈ 74 cm   48 cm
≈ 77 cm   50 cm
≈ 78 cm   51 cm
≈ 80 cm   52 cm
≈ 83 cm   54 cm
≈ 85 cm   55 cm
≈ 86 cm   56 cm
≈ 89 cm   58 cm
≈ 91 cm   61 cm
≈ 93 cm   65 cm


Choose the frame size closest to your results. 
When in doubt, it’s best to pick the smaller frame size. 
If you have any questions about determining the right bicycle size, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail. 


Cortina hit the market in the 1970s with a reliable range of city bikes and stands for quality, no-nonsense and reliability.

In 2006 Cortina began marketing itself as a true experience brand and by closely following market trends and developments, it was able to come up with a range of trendy lifestyle bikes, combining design, comfort, quality and affordability.


Although the first years did prove difficult, Cortina achieved true success with its 2008 collection, when it introduced the Cortina mothers bicycle and its accessories.
The following year Cortina really hit the jackpot with the Cortina Transport U4.
Cortina’s success continued in 2010 and today it is one of the fastest growing bicycle brands in the country.


In 2012 Cortina started a fashion campaign, collaborating with designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen.
Just like the clothing you wear, your bicycle is an expression of who you are.
Barnaat van Bergen designed five outfits inspired by the 2013 bicycle collection and a contest was held to find five models to be the new face of Cortina.
The brand plans to continue their fashion campaign next year.


Today Cortina has three product lines with various models:

  • Originals: authentic bicycles with a retro look
  • Utility: modern transport bikes
  • Metropole: sporty urban bicycles 

Your Cortina, your style.

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  • Fast delivery
  • International delivery
  • 8.9/10 customer reviews
  • 2 year warrantee
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