Ergotec Spare Spring Hard 90-140kg For. SP-10.0 - Silver

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Product Information

ERGOTEC Spare Spring
self-service package, for suspension micro-adjust seat post Ergotec SP-10.0
hard, 90-140kg
Originalnumber 06059100


Ergotec - ergonomic and safe.

When you choose Ergotec, you choose cycling comfort, stability and top quality that you can rely on for years. 
Safety comes first for Ergotec. 
Ergotec subjects all handlebars, stems and seatposts to rigorous testing and classifies them according to a unique safety system, guaranteeing that you'll always be able to select the right parts for your bicycle. 

The Ergotec Safety Level system's product qualifications are in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 4210 standard for bicycles and the DIN EN 15194 standard for e-bikes. 
Ergotec does recommend that you only combine components with the same safety level in order to guarantee maximum safety. 


In 1918 Wilhelm Humpert I laid the foundations for his metal products factory in Lanferbachtal, Wickede. 
The first products Humpert produced were wooden grips, floor pumps and manual pumps, as well as bicycle carriers. 
In 1932 the business switched to handlebars, creating a significant boost in sales. 
Nowadays around two million handlebars are produced in Wickede, using steel, stainless steel and aluminum. 
Ergotec's production process for handlebars has been fully automatized. 

Ergotec went looking for  the perfect balance between the sturdiness of steel and low weight. 
Especially in bicycles that have a lot to endure, steel handlebars have proven to be the better choice. 
Steel is much stronger, more robust and durable than aluminum, but steel is also a lot heavier. 
After three years of researching and testing, the company developed a very sturdy yet fine micro-alloyed steel with considerably higher strength, despite its thinner form. 
Handlebars that are made of this micro-alloyed steel - MAS - are produced to the highest quality, according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. 
Testing also proved that the shape and qualities of the handlebars are a major influence, and so the company has put a lot of time and effort into looking for the perfect handlebar/handlebar mount combinations. 
Relaxed, ergonomic cycling starts with the handlebars! 
AHS stands for Adjustable Handlebar System. 
These handlebars can be installed in several different positions in a modular system that makes many variations possible through a wide choice in mounting positions.

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