Widek Children'''s Basket Pvc Princess Dreams Purple

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Take along your favorite things on your bicycle.
Sturdy plastic basket is attached to the handlebars with straps.

Brand: Widek
Type: Bicycle Basket
Model: Princess Dreams
Shape: Oval
Dimensions: 20 cm wide, 12 cm deep
Material: PVC
Color: Purple
Fixation: Straps


Brand: Widek
Group: Basket
Category: P322
Specifications: PVC
Color: Purple
Article Packaging: Per Piece

Type Attachment: Fixed
Type Basket/Crate: Basket
Category: Basket
Color Specific: Purple
Brand: Widek
Type: Princces
Primary Base Color: Purple

Widek is a modern company that manufactures bicycle parts and accessories.
It was founded in 1936 and started out with the production and sale of bicycle bells.
Over the course of time other products were added to its product range and today Widek is a key supplier of handlebar grips, luggage carrier straps, mudflaps and synthetic bicycle parts.

In addition, Widek offers an extensive range of bicycle accessories for children’s bicycles, such as bicycle horns, bells, baskets, safety flags and stabilizers.
These accessories are decorated with popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Princess, SpongeBob, K3 and Bob the Builder.

Products are available under two successful brand names, Widek and Bibia, and are bought by bicycle manufacturers as well as retailers, department stores and sporting goods stores.
Products are sold all over the world, but particularly in Western Europe.

Widek BV is a customer-oriented business that develops and manufactures products with a high level of technical knowledge.
Widek not only supplies Widek and Bibia products, but also provides many customer-specific products.

Widek products can be found on bicycles by all Dutch suppliers and are made at the modern factory in Krimpen aan den IJssel.
Widek itself is responsible for all stages of the production process, which means that maximum quality is guaranteed and maximum flexibility can be offered:
products can be supplied in almost any color and version.

Choosing the right size children's bicycle helmet is easy.
Measure the circumference of your child's head as pictured below (± 2 cm above the eyebrows) and you can't go wrong!

For all helmets the head circumference is indicated in centimeters.
Most bicycle helmets feature an adjustment mechanism, so your child's helmet always gets the perfect fit 
and can enjoy their helmet for years to come.





If you don't have a tape measure handy, you can always use a piece of string to measure the head and then measure up the length of the string with a ruler. 
A bicycle helmet should always fit properly: if it’s too big, it will barely offer any protection to the head. 

Please Note:
Size charts only provide an indication of the size needed.
No rights can be derived from these charts. 


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  • Widek Childrens Basket Pvc Princess Dreams Purple
    Widek Childrens Basket Pvc Princess Dreams Purple
    £ 7.13
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  • Add a product to your CombiDeal
£ 7.13
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