Bikepointer Map Holder - Gray

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The bike pointer is a handy map holder that easily attaches to the handlebar. For your self composed bicycles routes (based on the dutch and belgian bicycleroute node system).
The bike pointer is wind and waterproof.

Includes 15 blank cards.

Category: Map Holder
Color Specific: Blue/Gray
Brand: Bikepointer
Primary Base Color: Gray

Bikepointer is a service provider, offering comfort and support on the recreational market. The Bikepointer is a gadget that is fitted on top of the handlebars and which contains the route cards. Cyclists will be able to jot down junction numbers on the cards or the bikepointbiker can print out the trails via the junction calculator on The application is the only one of its kind that operates across national borders and contains all the junctions of Flanders and the Netherlands.

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